Serving Students in Our Community

How we are serving young children within our home communities

Manchester Academic Charter School

Kindergarten-8th Grade, with three regional special education classrooms

Worth the Wait

“Hi, Sweetheart!” says lauren, the school nurse.  “I like your headband!”  Sitting together at the table, Lauren administers a quick test to determine Diamond’s color and depth perception while still managing to keep a close eye on those waiting in line.

With nearly 60 kids – including some from nearby Arlington Elementary School – scheduled to participate in the Mission Vision clinic, Lauren knows it’s going to be a busy day.

With such a high demand for its services, Mission Vision has to be as efficient as possible.

Lauren knows how important it is to get as many students screened as possible.  “Having trouble seeing surely impacts their class work and can cause headaches for the students as well,” Lauren says.

A sight for sore eyes

For 7th graders Al-Ahaid and Kimberly, seeing the board hasn’t been easy.  “I have to sit in front,” Al-Ahaid says.  “I have to stand up,” Kimberly says.  With new prescription glasses on the way, thanks to the Mission Vision Clinic, they’re not going to miss a thing now!

Helping the kids and seeing the positive impact in their lives and the difference Mission Vision can make, keeps us doing what we do year after year.