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Our Mission Statement

Give Vision to Someone in Need

Mission Vision exists because of the efforts of individuals like yourself who offer their time, resources, and energy into creating real change in the lives of those we serve.  To learn more on how you can get involved click the button.

Our Story

Read the story of how mission vision got its start 30 years ago with the founding of a mission’s hospital in Ghana by a few doctors led to an organization that serves tens of thousands of patients in need both abroad and in our local communities…

Why We Serve


of what children learn in school is taught visually

2.5 Billion

People around the globe are estimated to need eyeglasses


people in underserved areas given eyecare treatment in 2017-18 alone.

What Do We Do?

|At Home

Mission Vision Provides eye care to those who are in need of eyecare for those within our community who are vision impaired.  Our team of traveling doctors goes to those who are otherwise unable to get the assistance they so desperately need.  We supply eye care and treatment to the underprivleged and undesrerved.  Young children and retired veterans alike can receive life changing vision from one of our mobile clinics.  Not only do we offer the life changing gift of clear vision with free eyecare and high quality prescription glasses, but by doing so, bring the gift of hope and the gospel to those whom we serve.  To Learn more about what we do within our community and to read about our unique mobile eye clinic visit, “Click Here“.  Visit the “How You Can Help” page to see how you can get involved with our mission through financial support, volunteering, and donating glasses.


This mission is International.  The seeds of our organization was planted in international missions and has found its roots here at home.  While the bulk of our work happens here in the United States, we send a team of specially trained doctors and volunteers to travel to other hemispheres to bring the gift of vision and the message of the gospel.  While there is a huge need for vision care in our own country, the immense need for vision and the life changing hope it brings is one we are able to provide to patients on the other side of the globe.  In many poverty stricken countries such as Ghana, millions of children, adults, and elderly are going blind and failing to be educated because of easily remediable eye diesease.  We have a heart for these people and with the help of our international volutneer team and the donations of those who sympathize with our cause are able to bring life changing medical care to communities who otherwise would be kept in the dark.  Our work has prevented hundreds from going blind and we have seen students from poor villages be able to pass college exams thanks to the work we have done over the years.  Learn more about what we do abroad and how you can help us to open the eyes and fill the hearts of those who are truly less fortunate and in need.

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