Help Has Arrived

When the Mission Vision mobile Clinic Van pulls up to a church, school, community center, shelter or any other Mission Vision partner organization, people know help has arrived.

Using our unique delivery model, we are able to cost-effectively provide and make sure that eye care and prescription eye wear go directly to the people with the most need. Collaborating closely with partner organizations, we identify those most in need and we are able to educate them on the importance in maintain good eye health.

All mobile clinics are staffed by dedicated and caring medical professionals, as well as trained staff members and volunteers. Upon arrival, patients are greeted by the clinic coordinator who then checks them in and reviews their medical history.

From there, an optometric technician screens them for distance and near visual acuity, eye motility, visual field, auto-refractions, pupil response, intraocular pressure, color vision and depth perception.

Next, a state licensed optometrist performs a thorough eye exam to determine whether or not prescription glasses are needed. If, however, during the course of the exam, any medical condition requiring further evaluation is detected, the optometrist will explain the situation and provide a referral.

With an impressive sampling of frames (donated brand new by major eyewear manufacturers) to choose from, patients make their selections with the help of an optician who also takes the necessary measurements to ensure a perfect fit. Two to three weeks later, the prescription glasses are first inspected and labeled by Mission Vision staff and then delivered back to the partner organizations.