Kindergarten – 8th Grade

Coming into Focus

Jasara sure loves science.  In fact, one of her proudest accomplishments was making a volcano, complete with a baking soda-fueled eruption, for her 1st grade class.  But sometimes, she admits, she would have trouble keeping up with her studies because she just couldn’t see what her teacher wa writing on the board.

After picking out her very own pair of glasses, Jasara sees no obstacles in front of her.  We hope she continues making volcanoes and being inspired by science.



Sitting patiently and quietly is not something most grade schoolers are known for.

Tony, Khy Mere, and Erieonna are no exception to that rule.  But one thing is clear.  Friends make waiting to see the eye doctor a little more fun.

In 2017-2018, alone, the Mobile eye clinic screened over 1,700 kids under the age of 18.  The vast majority of those kid received custom prescription glasses.