Efficient Technology

Efficient Technology

Electronic Medical record

Technology will never replace the human touch, but it certainly comes in handy.  A secure web portal allows Mission Vision staff and volunteers to electronically update and retain patient records.

The electronic Medical Record was designed by our own staff as a web-based, customized portable platform; a cloud-based system before we had cloud-based systems.  It makes the EMR portal accessible anywhere we serve.  It also lets us track patients who may have multiple visits.

This system also helps streamline the check-in process, reduces paperwork, and increases patient interaction.

A Special Partnership

Every patient is unique, and so is each pair of eyeglass lenses prescribed at a Mission Vision clinic.  Thanks to support from the Essilor Vision Foundation, those lenses are manufactured and provided free of charge.

For more than a decade, Essilor has been working with doctor’s offices, schools, and charitable organizations throughout the U.S. to provide eye-wear lenses to those in need.

With that stated, Mission Vision and Essilor forged a special partnership focusing on the people of Western Pennsylvania.

Essilor’s lens facilities receives the prescriptions from Mission Vision and then measures, shapes, and grinds each order to the doctor’s exact specifications to fit the frames provided by Mission Vision clinics