Reaching Out to the Community

Reaching Out to the Community   

Seeing into the Future

Experts say that 80% of what children learn in school is taught visually.  Think about what that means for those kids who can’t quite see the blackboard or focus on the computer screen or printed page.

The fact is, many children who are experiencing vision problems express their frustration by acting out, which is compounded with performance problems in school.

As a result, they are often mislabeled as hyperactive or misdiagnosed as having and Attention Deficient Disorder.  Without help, these issues can last for years.

Education is a building process of knowledge, so the earlier that children can be helped, the greater impact there will be on learning.  Grades suffer, their confidence plummets, and their future grows more and more bleak with each passing year.

Western Pennsylvania children are not immune to this reality.  Although many area schools conduct basic vision screenings, a lot of students never receive the necessary follow up to correct their vision deficits.

That’s where Mission Vision’s mobile Clinics come in.

Working with school administrators, teachers, and nurses from area school districts, Mission Vision provides free eye exams and free prescription glasses to students in need.

In 2017 through 2018, the mobile eye clinics screened over 1,700 kids under the age of 18; the vast majority of those kids received custom prescription glasses.

Education is a building process of Knowledge, so the earlier that children can be helped, the great impact there will be on learning.