Northside Christian Health Center

A community medical practice providing spiritual and physical healthcare to all people. Annually, some 5,000 people seek care at the center.

North Side Christian Health Center

Meet & Greet

When their paths crossed at the Mission Vision clinic, it seemed like a random twist of fate, but perhaps it was divine intervention that brought them together.

Cynthia has been coming to the Northside Christian Health Center for the past 11 years, maybe even longer. “I resigned from my job when my mother and father got sick,” she says, “so I lost my health insurance.” and lately, she’s been having trouble seeing with her old glasses. The Mission Vision clinic was like “a prayer answered”, she says.

Alex, a junior at Marymount University, has volunteered with Mission Vision before. “two summers ago,” he says, “I took glasses to Florida and shared the Gospel. It was really cool to see God working there.”

Alex helped with the set up for this North Side clinic and has been talking and praying with people throughout the day. That’s Something Cynthia can relate to. “I do a lot of ministry work at the Allegheny County Jail,” she says. “there are so many young people there, it hurts my heart. But if you have Jesus, you’re free.”