Latino Family Center

Focusing on families with children ages 0 -5, the center provides in-home services, support groups, family fun nights and referral services and assistance with medical, legal and mental health concerns.

Latino Family Center

Offering a new outlook

Every 8 minutes during the Mission Vision clinic, the attending doctor is scheduled to see a new patient – patients like Rosaliai, who arrived in Pittsburgh 11 years ago to join her family and lately has been having trouble seeing: and Jose, who is worried about how his diabetes might be affecting his eyesight.

“The clinic is a very popular and needed service,” says Olivia, an AmeriCorps member working at the center since last September.

According to the Pittsburgh Catholic newspaper, there are nearly 40,000 Latinos who now call Pittsburgh their home.  And, although that is a relatively small number compared to other regions of the country, the Hazelwood Latino center fosters a strong sense of community.

“Having a place to come to where you can speak your native language, eat the foods you miss, and celebrate your culture is so important,” Olivia says.  And on this day, it is also a place that offers a new outlook.  After having their eyes examined, both Rosalia and Jose selected new frames and left with a new confidence.